Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention non-judgmentally to the present moment which can facilitate a greater understanding of oneself and others. Outward Bound has incorporated mindfulness-based activities into its programming for decades through challenge, solo experiences, reflection, communication tools, adventure and fun.

The Omaha Outward Bound School is taking it a step further through breath and body awareness and other creative activities in order to create spaces between stimulus and response, develop self-regulation and compassion, and the capacity for thoughtful decision-making and action.

We are building mindfulness into our entire organizational culture through the Mindfulness Fundamentals course by Mindful Schools, taken by all employees of Omaha Outward Bound School and our strategic partner, the NorthStar Foundation.

Our instructors and administrators have gone a step further to complete the Mindful Educator Essentials course to ensure we are engaging in evidence-based best practices in mindfulness program delivery.

Learn more about the powerful research behind mindfulness programming for youth.

We partner with the Mindfulness Outreach Initiative to continually build our staff’s capacity to practice and deliver mindfulness programming through participation in day retreats and mindfulness mentoring.

MOI is an Omaha-based visionary leader in mind-body health and wellness working toward the integration of mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness-based approaches by making professional education available to individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our mindfulness program development and implementation is made possible by a generous grant through the Amis Family Foundation of the Omaha Community Foundation.